If I had a penny for every time I heard ‘I’m doing everything right but I just can’t lose weight!’. Here’s why you might be struggling

1.You’re eating too much

It’s easy to over eat when portion sizes aren’t controlled. You look at that cereal packet and the calories aren’t so bad per portion, when was the last time you weighed out a portion? Have you ever? Have a look next time, you’ll be shocked – I know I was!

It’s not all about portion size though, it’s what you eat too. You tend to forget about all of the little naughty’s you have in a day. That biscuit with your tea, couple of squares of chocolate in-between meals, that ‘wafer thin’ slice of cake that Susan brought in for her birthday. It all adds up, and this can offset efforts of healthy eating in your main meals. My advice: keep a food diary.

2. You’re inactive

I know, you’re busy. But busy isn’t active. Walking the dog barely makes a dent unless it’s a long one. If you have a sedentary job, chances are you’re inactive. You drive to work, use the elevator, call people in the next room because you don’t want to get up and talk to them, park as close as possible to shopping/home. All of this takes out activity from your day. Everyone does it. But if you just step back and think about it for a second…

Walk that 15 minutes to work, take the stairs, get up from your screen to talk to someone instead of calling, walk to the shop and carry your groceries home. All of these simple things will add up. You’ll be surprised how much. Enough to tip your body in to a calorific deficit. So you can lose weight, or enjoy a couple glasses of wine. More tips here

3. You’re not putting the effort in the gym

Good lord. The amount of people who go to the gym and potter around with baby weights amazes me. Ladies, I’m all for starting slow and building up but trust me, generally you’re stronger than you think. I promise you won’t look like a bodybuilder after your first session. Gents, you probably need to lower the weight, and focus on the technique.

Don’t take that the wrong way and go too heavy, but if you’ve been going to the gym for a while and you’re not injured, you should be challenging yourself on most sets. Otherwise you’ll find yourself not far from where you started in 6 months’ time.

4. You’re inconsistent

You need to keep at it. ‘Dieting’ for 2 days is not going to get you where you want to be. Think 80:20 – eat well 80% of the time and enjoy yourself the other 20%. That’s a good place to start anyway. For quicker results, it’ll want to be more of a 90:10 split depending on your activity.

Good results are built slowly. If you stop for a week you’ll find yourself 2 steps back. You need to keep moving. Week after week. Time flies, weeks will pass anyway, so why not keep on the path to where you’ll be happiest?

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