Personal training

A personal approach to fitness

Personal Training

Personal Training is THE BEST method to make sure getting the most out of your workouts. We will set SMART goals, keep you accountable, create a solid plan for you to follow, work around injuries or complications you might have.

My job is to help you set goals, create a plan and guide you through it.

Through the good times and the tough times, I will be there to motivate you and make sure you reach your goals, whatever they are.

What can you get out of it?

  • Muscle building
  • Weight loss
  • Improved quality of life
  • Improve physiological pains (niggling back/knee/shoulder pains)
  • Look healthier and get that glow
  • Preparation for return to sport or for an event
  • Strength and conditioning specific to your sport
  • Improved mental state
  • Increased fitness levels
  • Daily tasks become easier


  • No you don’t have to be a certain level of fitness before you start Personal Training
  • No you don’t have to spend a fortune – we can work out something that works for you
  • No you don’t have to change your whole lifestyle to see change
  • No you don’t have to have stacks of free time – we can work something out that works for you

How it works

  1. Firstly, the initial consultation includes meet and greet and filling out a questionnaire.
  2. SMART goal setting. I find out what makes you tick. What motivates you and what you want to get out of this. We will set goal dates so we have something to aim for.
  3. Then, measurements will be taken (weight, body measurements, pictures optional) and fitness testing.
  4. 1 to 1 Personal Training sessions.
  5. Nutritional support – setting daily calorie and macronutrient goals. 
  6. Unlimited email support for any questions you might have.
  7. Gym/home program for extra solo workouts.

Please note; Training only once per week will show progress, but slow progress. Three times per week should be noticeable after 4 weeks.


people talk

Don’t just take it from me, here’s what some of my clients have to say.

Massage was one of the best I’ve had. Made such a difference. Highly recommend Luke
Alison parker
When I first started personal training I was nervous. I mean what if I embarrassed myself? Did not have to worry about this with Luke he made me feel at ease and that I could ask him anything and wouldn’t be made to feel stupid.
Emma Louise

Still not convinced?