Nutritional Advice and Planning

If diets and nutrition completely confuse you, you’re not alone. There’s so many different options these days. Do you go for paleo? Meal replacement shakes? Low carb? 5:2 diet? Herbalife? Slimming world? Low calorie?

Which one is the best?

In my opinion, its just eating healthy. For most people, cutting out the rubbish fast food is enough to lose weight. When the crap food has been cut out (or almost cut out), that’s when we can tweak other parts, like identifying intolerance’s or implementing enough protein to build muscle whilst losing body fat.

I believe that small steps of change is the best way to stay consistent, and achieve long lasting results whilst still enjoying food. You should always be able to enjoy food.

So what does this service entail?

  1. We will have a chat about your goals and current eating habits – best thing is to write a diet log (write down everything you’re eating) for 1-2 weeks.
  2. We will set out easy to implement steps to improve your diet on a daily, weekly and monthly rate.
  3. When we have solidified these new, healthier habits, we can assess what we need to do next. Whether it be calorie control, improving the quality of food or eliminating an intolerance.

My aim is to educate you so you can do it alone, not so you’re reliant on me.


Interested? Get in contact! Still not sure? More info coming soon!