Corporate Sessions and Treatments

Reduce sick days. Increase productivity. Have a happier workforce.

As the general population becomes more inactive, work longer hours and gain weight through

bad diet, productivity can steadily fall during work hours. Sitting at a desk all day can cause postural imbalances and cause pain. Cakes and fast food are readily available in a lot of offices these days, coupled with inactivity and poor posture its a recipe for disaster.

Bad food and no exercise will eventually lead to weight gain. This comes with plenty of side effects such as:

  • Fatigue – people become tired and less able to complete daily tasks to the best of their ability. Plus a reduction in attention span.
  • Strain on the immune system – As if it isn’t bad enough being in an office with air conditioning all day (which circulates air and therefore any airborne germs in the office), a reduced immune system will increase the likelihood of illness and disease.
  • Decreased ability to deal with stress – as the body is dealing with all kinds of stress due to factors like not being fuelled properly, fighting extra hard to fend off illness, dips in concentration, poor sleeping patterns. When all this is going on and extra stressors from work are introduced, they may be less able to deal with it.

All of these can and will eventually affect a persons working ability if nothing is done.

Posture at work can be similarly affect working ability.

Sitting down or standing for extended periods of time can cause imbalances which can eventually cause a lot of pain. Repetitive movements can cause serious problems to muscles and joints.

Sitting with rounded shoulders or in a slouched position can cause severe back and shoulder pain.

Do I need to point out that these cause more stress and will lead to decreased productivity and probably sick days if nothing is done.

What can I do?

  • Education about these things is so important. I can come in and talk about activity, diet and posture.
  • For a more hands on approach I can run fitness classes or personal sessions for employees.
  • Massage treatments (15-60 mins per person) for people suffering with pain already.

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