Remedial Massage

Remedial Massage gets straight to the point. If you have an injury or niggle, then that is what will be worked on. Whether it be back pain, knee pain, head aches or just tension in the muscles, this one is for you.

Please remember that where the pain is isn’t always where the problem is, so the therapist will work where they think appropriate.

Massage is recommended after injury, for tight muscles or just when a pain just seems to linger. To name a few, it is used for the prevention and treatment of injuries, regaining better movement, breaking down adhesion’s and scar tissue.

Remedial massage is used mainly to reduce pain, but also offers lots of other benefits depending on whats being worked on. You could expect to;

  • Get an increased healing rate from damaged or overworked tissues –  Reducing recovery time and allowing you to get back to health quicker than usual.
  • Increase range of movement in joints
  • Feel a decrease in pain levels


How it works

The therapist will check for signs of dysfunction in surrounding joints and muscles. Palpate (feel) muscle tissue to find abnormally tight or damaged tissues. Then through the use of Sports Massage, MFR, Deep Tissue Massage and other techniques appropriate to treatment will be used.

The therapist will always look to fix the cause of pain rather than the symptom itself. This may mean that back pain is being caused by a tightness in the legs. Working on the back would be useless if its not the problem.


Does it hurt?

There will be some uncomfortable times when working on tight and damaged tissue, but never more than an agreed level of pain. Communicating this message is important – don’t just stay quiet if its too painful.

What to expect

A range of different bodywork techniques used: MFR, Sports Massage, Trigger Point, Deep Tissue to name a few.

Therapists may use thumbs, fingertips, knuckles, hands, elbows, forearms or tools during a massage. The treatment will involve numerous techniques to release muscle tension and iron out any knots.

You will be draped in a towel or blanket at all times and only appropriate areas uncovered. Oils may be used on areas being treated.

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