Premium 12 week coaching program

The premium 12 week coaching program is built in mind for people who are fed up of quick fixes and want to change their lifestyle, grow in confidence, health and fitness for good. This step-by-step program will focus on simple changes, specific to YOU and your goal, along with all the information you need to succeed. Having a coach (me) to keep you accountable throughout the process is also invaluable to staying on track. 

You’re not alone, up the creek without a paddle. You’ll have the knowledge, the guide and the resources you need to get where you want to be.

Personalised coaching

  • Set your goal
  • Follow the plan
  • Reach your goal

Here's what you get

Schedule on the fly

All of the information you need is ready for you whenever you need it in the online portal.

One to one coaching

This is about you and what works for you, not a one size fits all kind of program.

Workout plans

All of your workouts created just for you. With video demos and descriptions of each exercise. Upload technique videos online to receive feedback too!

Nutritional guidance

Make sure you’re eating the right foods and the right amount for your goal. Meals ideas, recipes and weekly plan available too!

Weekly calls and daily reminders

Schedule weekly calls with me to keep yourself on track. Receive an email every day with your daily tasks.

Set motivating goals

I will help you set goals that are motivating, tangible and resonate with what you actually want.

Take out the guess work

Wrong foods? Wrong exercises? No more blindly plodding along. We set a straight forward path with intent.

Habit and progress tracking

Daily habit tracker to change your lifestyle in bite size chunks. Track progress weekly and see how far you have come.

You have two options;

Coaching with personal training

Coaching WITHOUT personal training

If you're pretty sure you don't need help with exercising, this is for you. You'll still have all of your plans online, you get all the support, guidance and resources you need to reach your goal. The only difference is that you won't see me in person.


Coaching WITH Personal Training

If you choose coaching with personal training, you will have the benefit of 1-1 training sessions with me. This means I can make sure you're doing the exercises correctly and give that little bit more support. Also I will be able to take your measurements accurately for you. This package is based on 12 training sessions throughout the 12 weeks.

Sign up here and i'll get back to you for a chat - Don't worry no obligation or contracts!

Whats your name, age and occupation?
Don't just say lose a stone. Think BIG. What would make you the happiest? Is it the confidence you will have when you hit your ideal weight? The ability to play with your grand kids? Whether it be body goals, performance goals or quality of life goals.
Have you tried things in the past that haven't worked? Don't know where to start? What is it?
Let me know which package is for you

About me

I’m Luke. I am a qualified personal trainer and massage therapist. I have been in the fitness industry for over 7 years and I still love it. Helping people reach their goals never gets old. 

My mission

My mission is for you to be totally autonomous. You won’t need a trainer after this. Long term change is the goal for me.

My offer

  • Fitness and nutritional guidance
  • Coaching to keep you accountable
  • Reach your goal and change for life